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      Institut Esthederm was created in order to preserve the skin's youthfulness, in respect of the environment and it evolution over time. Since our beginning, we have been inspired by the skin's natural resources to formulate personalised skincare that "re-educates" the skin, preserves its balance and helps it adapt to its environment.

      What Makes Institut Esthederm Different ?

      Inspired by professional aesthetics, inspired by life and sun living, Esthederm is a brand like no other. It doesn't blow its own trumpet: it's just a murmur - the sound of women whispering to one another. They started to use Esthederm because they were looking for treatments, sun and well-being. And they’ve never stopped. They talk of having a helping hand at all times - unique expertise that changed the fate of their skin and finally revealed its beauty.


      Water can take the form of a liquid, solid or gas. But there is a fourth state that it can take - known as “interstitial” - which is the water contained in our bodies - physiological water. Related to cell metabolism, it is the vital element that ensures the function, health and beauty of our skin. Inspired by this water that is naturally present in the skin, Institut Esthederm has developed Cellular Water, which consists of ingredients similar to the components of interstitial water, which is vital for life. Blending perfectly with the skin, it optimises its metabolism and helps protect its youthfulness.

      Around 70% of creams and more for lotions. Distilled water, traditionally used by the majority of skincare brands, acts as a neutral excipient only.

      “Using cellular water as the only water makes our formula 100% active”


      Institut Esthederm’s suncare products protect youthfulness and can change your skin’s fate when it comes to sun exposure. Since its foundation, Institut Esthederm has focused its research on exploring how the skin interacts with the sun.

      Its research has enabled major scientific breakthroughs which now mean that Esthederm’s sun protection products are some of the most highly effective youth-preserving products on the market. More than mere sun protection, these products embody a certain way of living in the sun, a unique pleasure, reserved to the lucky few.



      Your Beauty Expert places your body in a position of perfect relaxation to make the treatment as effective as possible. The experience always begins with a deep cleansing ritual, or Esthederm’s signature skin preparation technique, where gentleness and effectiveness combine to reveal the nature of your skin. This vital step leaves the skin exposed and enables a professional diagnosis to be made through detailed visual examination and expert tactile analysis. Your treatment protocol then continues with specific techniques, products and movements selected on the basis of your diagnosis.


      Learning about your skin: the expert questions asked by your Beauty Expert are used to conduct a pre-diagnosis. She is at your service to find out your expectations and determine your needs and the age of your skin. She determines what treatment is best suited to each of your skin's needs, regardless of your lifestyle or age.


      Your Beauty Expert presents the different stages that you will go through during your treatment, explains their principles and evaluates their benefits.